Mullein Benefits

Mullein Benefits

August 31, 2019 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

Nature has given us a home that is filled with wonders. Beautiful animals, plants, mountains, and other things that deserve to be called exceptionally stunning.

Take the Mullein plant for example. It has been here for countless generations and yet not everyone knows about it. It is actually a wonderful plant that possesses great gifts that can be used to improve our bodies and make it healthier. In time, the Mullein plant will be known throughout the world as a necessity rather than a commodity and someday, it will change countless lives. Here are some benefits of the Mullein plant that will definitely ring your bells.

  • Treatment of Respiratory Ailments

The mullein plant has long been used to treat coughs, colds, flus and whooping cough. It has relieving properties that eases the symptoms of the respiratory diseases and treats them as well. It has also been a popular treatment for those with tuberculosis in Europe during the late 1800’s. All in all the mullein plant is one heck of a respiratory remedy that will surely make a difference for those with respiratory ailments.

  • Antiviral

The mullein plant contains antiviral properties that reduces viral activity in virally caused diseases such as Influenza A and herpes. This is a great characteristic because it slows down the ability of the virus to further replicate as well as cause symptoms. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Tumor

The mullein plant contains anti-inflammatory properties because of saponins, which are also considered to be anti-tumor. This is great with people with Crohn’s disease, arthritis and those undergoing chemotherapy as well.

  • Pain reliever

The mullein plant is also used as a pain reliever during the early days and has long been proven effective against pain. It is used to treat joint, muscle and pain caused by nerves and gives relief to the patient in a matter of minutes.

  • Anti-bacterial

The Mullein plant is also a great antibiotic because it has anti-bacterial properties for bothe gram negative and positive bacteria and can be used to treat wounds and other bacterial infections that may cause swelling and pain.

  • Sleep disorders

Lastly, the mullein leaf is also a great treatment for those who have trouble sleeping. Studies show that those who use mullein plant extracts get more sleeping hours and feel relaxed each morning when they wake up.

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