How to Use Irish Sea Moss

How to Use Irish Sea Moss

May 31, 2018 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

The Chondrus Crispus or Irish sea moss is red algae filled with many nutrients and minerals that provide numerous benefits to our body and health. These nutrients help the body in various ways, like improving digestion and metabolism, thyroid function, and nourishing the skin. These benefits cannot just achieve in consuming it, but in other ways as well.

Different Ways to Use Irish Sea Moss

From the traditional ways of using Irish sea moss, modern applications in this algae can be almost everything-from skincare up to dietary supplements. 

Because of its amazing properties, the Irish sea moss can be used in various ways, including the following:

  • Powdered form

For those who don’t want to mess up with preparing the sea moss, this can also be avail in powdered form. Powdered sea moss is still guaranteed organic and can be combined in smoothies and creams.

  • Dietary supplement

Because of its benefits to people who want to lose weight, Irish sea moss is now used in dietary supplements. These pills help weight-conscious individuals to increase their metabolism and create a feeling of being full quickly. Irish moss is known to suppress appetite; that is why the sea moss supplements can lessen the cravings.

As it helps the body lose weight better, these dietary pills are nutrient-dense, which means it can use the nutrients it has quicker from the usual. It also helps easily remove the toxins inside the body that are other factors for increasing weight.

  • Skin Care Products

The Irish sea moss is also known for its skin benefits. It gives additional nourishment to the skin and improves skin health, making it ideal as skin moisturizers and lotions. 

  • Food Recipes

Besides mixing with a variety of foods and dishes, the Irish sea moss is a healthier way to thicken soups, smoothies, and puddings. 

How to Prepare the Irish Sea Moss

The Irish sea moss can be quickly soaked, mashed, and dried into usable forms like pastes, gels, and even food toppings. With these uses, the correct way of preparing Irish sea moss is crucial to make the most out of it. Before using it, be sure to wash it thoroughly in filtered water before soaking it. This step is to wash off the sand and other impurities to prepare it for dipping. Cooking the Irish sea moss is avoided because it will change the energetic and chemical structure it contains. Unfortunately, cooking can result in losing the nutrients that make it beneficial to the body.

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