Dr Sebi Recommended Herb Bladderwrack Benefits

Dr Sebi Recommended Herb Bladderwrack Benefits

May 2, 2019 Alkaline Herbs

When it comes to bladderwrack, one of the persons to run to is Dr. Sebi. From his recommendations, more studies have proved its wonderful benefits. Nowadays, bladderwrack is considered one of the best herbs that gives additional boost to optimal health and also cures certain illnesses. 

Also known as sea oak, black tang and bladder fucus, bladderwrack is usually found in seas and oceans like in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Baltic Sea and Western Mediterranean. People from the ancient periods especially those who live close to the sea benefited from it, particularly aiding in their thyroid problems. In the 1800s, its high iodine content was recognized and its ability to cure goitre. 

Other medicinal benefits have been discovered on this seaweed. Among of these are:


Located at the front of the neck, thyroid is an essential body part which secretes hormone stimulating important systems like metabolism, body temperature and heart rate. Having an either overactive or inactive thyroid can result in worse effects in the body, like unexplained fatigue and weight loss. In order to maintain the thyroid’s health, there must be sufficient iodine nutrients in the body to which bladderwrack is so much to offer. Besides curing diseases that are related to iodine deficiencies, this seaweed will definitely help the thyroid gland to continually perform its functions especially the hormones that are needed by the body.


Especially nowadays that most people are very conscious of their weight and body figure, various diets, meal skipping and food avoidance are surfacing to solve these issues. Unfortunately, some of these remedies are quite harmful to the body. Including bladderwrack in the meal plan is one of the helpful ways to remove excess weight in the body. Besides the presence of iodine which stimulates metabolism, this seaweed is also known for being a natural diuretic. This means that it can naturally flush the unwanted fluids from the body which makes it not to experience bloating and water retention. It also helps the body to avoid building up of body fluids that form non-essential fats like the cellulites.  In addition, bladderwrack is a rich source of fucoxanthin, a carotenoid that is known for its fat-burning effects.


Along with fucoxanthin, bladderwrack is also rich in beta-carotene, a plant-based source of Vitamin A, which, as popularly known, is a big help in keeping healthy eyesight. As for its being carotenoid, fucoxanthin is known as xanthophyll which protects the vision by absorbing the blue-green colors of the visible light.  Moreover, it also has fucoidan, the “eye nutrient of the future” according to Chinese scientists. 


It is important to note that before considering to use bladderwrack for whatever purposes, consultation from a healthcare professional especially for those with existing illnesses must be prioritized. 

More importantly, individuals with allergic reactions to iodine should never use bladderwrack. Also, those who are taking prescribed medicines especially in curing thyroid disorders must take precautions in using bladderwrack. Consultation is also highly recommended. 

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