Alkaline Diet Shopping List

When we hear “diet”, we often think of food avoidance and meal skipping. But not with an alkaline diet. While most kinds of diet focus on avoiding foods, an alkaline diet is particular on eating foods that will make you feel much better by improving the normal pH levels of the body.

If you are on an alkaline diet, you are more particular on the pH levels of the foods. Alkaline diet replaces acid-forming foods from alkaline ones to ensure the proper pH levels of the body. For experts like Dr. Sebi, it is essential to maintain not only the pH levels but also a detoxified body and this can be achieved through consuming  natural foods. Also, he acknowledges the use of botanical remedies straight from nature as another way for healing and even getting optimal health. 

Using his expertise both as a herbalist and healer, most of the herbs he recommended were the exotic plants that are native to places in Mexico and South America. The following herbs can also be used to make the most of your alkaline diet. 


Besides its effectiveness to fight bacteria and fungus, this root can boost circulation to the skin and detoxifies the epidermal tissues. This ability makes it ideal in treating skin-related conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even acne. This is also used traditionally in blood purification. 


This seaweed is rich in iodine which makes it notable in curing diseases relating to iodine deficiencies. Moreover, this makes it boost thyroid functions like in metabolism and temperature of the body. In addition, it assists the body in fighting cellulitis and decreasing the chances of obesity. 


In terms of anti-inflammatory properties, black cumin is considered one of the most potent herbs.


This herb produces a calming effect on the body system because of its ability to give an overall feeling of healthiness. With these capabilities, blue vervain aids in curing coughs, colds and lowers fever. It produces soothing to the central nervous system. It also decongests the respiratory system and liver and cleanses the body from toxins. 


Its tonic and diuretic properties make cleavers a good purifier especially on the lymph system. It also aids in blood purification, treating conditions like arthritis and psoriasis. This also treats urinary infections, cleaning urinary stones and the gravel as well.


Cancasa is also popularly known  as red willow bark. For those who are losing their libido, this herb can surely be useful.


This herb is also known as sea moss. This provides nutrition even on the smallest part of the body, the cells. Along with more than 90 minerals, it is the only booster of thyroid hormones that is plant-based. With these and more, irish moss is said to be one of greatest superfoods nature definitely has. 


A natural skin remedy, red clovers are used in treating conditions like burns and sores. Its properties can also help curing chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and skin cancer.