Benefits of Blackseed Oil

Benefits of Blackseed Oil

February 20, 2019 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

The black seed oil comes from black seeds or Nigella sativa, a small plant that  can be typically found in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East. Known and used as an herbal plant thousands of years ago, it still provides various benefits to us whether as a form of capsule or topical application. Moreover, it can give better results to massage oils, homemade skin-care products, shampoos and even perfumes. Those high-quality black seed oil, meanwhile, can be appropriate to use in baking, cooking, and other beverages.  

Along with the expert scientists who researched possible benefits of black seed oil, famous herbalist Dr. Sebi saw so much potential in this oil. Believing in the importance of plant-based food consumption and an advocate of alkaline diet, Dr. Sebi recommended this as one of the must-haves in the alkaline diet list. With its good components, Dr. Sebi believed that this can cure many illnesses and even improve one’s health. 

Benefits for Asthma

Asthma is a long-term respiratory condition that happens when the respiratory system overreacts to what is happening to the environment, like sudden changes in the weather. 

The natural ingredients of black seed oil provide overall treatment for asthmatic individuals. This oil is rich with linoleic and gamma linolenic acids, components that mitigate allergic symptoms which trigger asthma. It also contains Nigellon Semohiprepinon, an active compound that relaxes our body’s airways and minimizes the histamine release in the bloodstream. In addition, it contains Thymohydrochinone, an active compound that is both antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.

Benefits for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is almost everyone’s dream. In this world that sees a slimmer figure as one of the beauty and wellness standards, people are very much particular on what’s on their weight chart. Another healthy and natural way to achieve this is by consuming black seed oil.

One of the reasons why this oil is a good way to reduce weight is because of its ability to lower down and stabilize the blood sugar levels. Compounds and substances that aid in controlling the blood sugar are said to be also able to control our appetite because this also contributes to regularizing our cravings, which are usually carbohydrates-rich foods. And this means losing some pounds on your weight.

Other benefits

The importance of black seed oil to our health is not just for those with asthma and people who are weight-conscious. Other benefits we can have from this amazing oil include:

  • Treats skin problems like psoriasis, acne and eczema
  • Reduces stomach pains and its effects like bloating and even incidences of ulcer
  • Acts as natural moisturizer, hydrating the hair and softening the skin
  • Reduces inflammation and bacterial presence in wounds, making it heal faster and better
  • Its thymoquinone content is said to influence cell death or apoptosis in many kinds of cancer
  • Since it helps regulate the blood sugar, this can also benefit people with diabetes
  • Can improve movements of sperm, increase sperm count and volume for men, especially those who have problems with fertility

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