May 5, 2019 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

As you get older, so is your body. And as the body gets old, it gets more toxins and unnecessary substances that bring harm to your health. This happens because aside from the changes in your system, your lifestyle and diet contribute to the dangers that can happen to you. 

Hippocrates believed that all diseases begin in the gut, and there’s a big truth in this statement. When it comes to this area, boosting your optimal health not only happens when you choose to eat the right kind of food. With that, cleansing and detoxifying are needed to get rid of the toxic stuff inside your system. These activities are not answerable by not eating, because you will just starve the parasites inside you (unfortunately, we all do have) and bring worse effects. 

Dr. Sebi’s Colon Cleansing

All of us, especially those who are sick, need to cleanse our system. As mentioned, most of the toxins inside our body came mostly from what we put on it inside, particularly in the digestive tract. Besides being the entry point of what we eat, the digestive tract contains essential bacteria that helps about 80 percent of our immune system that protects the whole body against bad bacteria, fungi and other harmful organisms. 

Among other ways to detoxify, herbalist and self-proclaimed Dr. Sebi acknowledged the need for the digestive system to be cleansed, especially the colon area. Known as an advocate of natural products for medicine and healing, he also recommended the usage of unprocessed sources such as alkaline herbs in digestive cleansing. For him, the colon, being an essential organ, must be cleansed by detoxification before any diseases occur in the entire body.

Colon cleansing includes alkaline herbs which also helps cleansing the small and large intestines from toxins and also fecal matter. These herbs flush the digestive tract, restoring the gut which helps in achieving healthy digestion. It improves the body’s natural detoxification that contributes to the improvement of overall health. 

How to Cleanse the Colon

It is important that before executing the colon detoxification, ensuring that proper foods must be placed inside the body. For instance, consuming acidic foods can never help in cleansing. 

Using the following herbs can not only cleanse the colon, but it also helps nourish the body organs.

  • Burdock rootPacked with more than 100 minerals, this herb cleanses the blood and is known as being diuretic.
  • Bladderwrack Also known as seaweed, this natural food is a great mineral supplement.
  • Dandelion Like the burdock root, this herb is also known for its ability to cleanse the  blood and also liver
  • Elderberry It gives strength to the body from illnesses like colds. Moreover, it breaks up the mucus inside
  • Sarsaparilla- This herb has one of the highest concentrations of iron in a plant. Moreover, aside from the capacity to cleanse the colon, is also diuretic, and blood purifier. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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