Alkaline herbs that remove mucus from the body

Alkaline herbs that remove mucus from the body

April 27, 2018 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

Equilibrium is the next best thing to perfection. All the energy that surrounds you is balanced, everything is okay, all expected outcomes are achieved and nothing seems to go wrong. But even after a decade of preparation, when tragedy hits, it hits hard and fast. But the thing is there is a solution, and when there is a way to reverse it, then there is still a chance to prevent further damage. This is the right mindset one should have for these kinds of hurdles.

Health books all say that any obstruction that hinders the flow of oxygen to throughout the body contributes greatly to its depravation of nutrients and function, thus making it incompetent and unhealthy. And the most common obstruction that the human body experiences is mucus. Though mucus has a purpose, it obstructs the regular flow of oxygen throughout the body and must be expelled immediately. Now, here are some alkaline herbs that will greatly help expel these secretions out of your lungs and give you relief like you have never felt before.


Elderberry is useful in preventing mucus build up. In 2010, a research was conducted on elderberries. Sixty people with flu-like symptoms took 15 ml of elderberry syrup and . Their symptoms got better in just 4 days. 


Thyme is a herb that is very high in alkaline properties and also helps in eliminating mucus. It is mostly used for cooking and is aromatic in nature. For mucus treatment, it is usually served in tea with a hint of lemon and honey. Furthermore it also serves a key ingredient for antiseptics as well as antifungal oils. Plus, it can also get rid of harmful bacteria.


Lobella is a herb that is popular in the horsing world. It actually helps a horse’s capacity to breathe deeper than it usually can, thus increasing its ability to harness more oxygen, meaning it gives these animals more fuel to run great distances for long periods of time. Also, deeper breathing means more chances of expelling mucus along the way that is why it’s a winning situation.

Licorice Root

Yes, you’re reading it right, Licorice root does help expel mucus and is high in alkaline properties. This herb that is used for making sweet tasting candy has been used in Chinese medicine for generations and has proven to expel mucus from the body. It serves as a natural expectorant and makes sure that no phlegm will be left behind. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory.

Osha Root

The Osha Root is popular among Native Americans and has been used for quite a long time as an herb for lung support. It supports the lung by giving comfort to breath more easily and strengthens, lengthens and increases one’s breathing capacity. This greatly helps the body expel mucus and will lead to unbelievable relief in no time.


Finally, Eucalyptus is used to comfort irritated throats and eliminates mucus naturally. It also promotes better health for the respiratory system by increasing the body’s ability to expel any unwanted obstruction that may cause discomfort and prevent the good flow of oxygen throughout the body.

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