Achieving a Clean Slate: Herbs that Purify the Blood

Achieving a Clean Slate: Herbs that Purify the Blood

May 8, 2018 Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Herbs

The body is like an engine. In order to run normally and be at full efficiency when needed, it needs regular maintenance, check up and cleansing. Toxins fill the human anatomy everyday. From what you breathe to what you eat, there’s no telling what kind of chemicals, bacteria and unwanted things enter our system. This could escalate quickly and be transferred all throughout the body via the bloodstream. And who knows what diseases might turn up if we do not clean ourselves internally.

Luckily there are herbs that provide detoxification to the human body. These plants have been considered the natural cleaning agents of the blood and have been used by many since their specific discoveries. And the best part about these herbs are they are accessible and all natural, the way detox agents are supposed to be. So if you want to try the natural way of purifying your bloodstream and start off with a clean slate, you should try these herbs right away:

1.      Nettle

Nettle is a prickly plant that is usually persecuted for well, pricking fingers. But unknown to most people, this plant is really a good detoxifying provider. It is best known for flushing out toxins in the bloodstream well as acidic compounds in the joints, lowering arthritis pain and improving skin clarity.

2.      Red Clover

Red clover has been used for many years by people who are really into blood detox. This herb cleanses the bloodstream and balances what is missing or lacking. It collaborates with the body’s lymphatic system which is also responsible for eliminating toxins and other unwanted things in the blood. Red clover has also been well known for its use as an anti-cancer compound and has long been incorporated in anti-cancer supplements.

3.      Garlic

Garlic has long been used for cooking and treating ailments, but unknown to many, it is also a wonderful detoxifying agent because it contains sulfur, which is essential for eliminating toxins in the blood. Also it helps to trigger the liver to produce detoxifying enzymes which also helps in cleaning the bloodstream.

4.      Burdock Root

The Burdock root is a good choice for blood detox. It contains a powerful diuretic that flushes out toxins through the kidney and helps the liver’s ability to flush out dangerous material from the bloodstream. Its ability to eliminate elements from the body ensures that there will be no side effect nor toxins remaining in the body.

5.      Echinacea

Echinacea is a really potent herb that not only detoxifies the blood, but also as a remedy for flu and colds. It gives support to the lymphatic system which is mainly responsible for fighting unwanted living organisms in the bloodstream as well as detoxifying it. Echinacea is also a well-known natural antibiotic, increasing the capacity of your immune system to produce different antibodies, making it able to fight a wider range of bacteria.

6.      Poke Root

Lastly, the Poke Root is also considered to be a powerful bloodstream cleaner because it increase the capability and activity of the lymphatic system. When used in the right way, it can show anti-cancer properties as well as treat throat and breast infections and fight off some viruses.

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