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Being on a high alkaline diet is one of the best way to maintain optimal health.  You can easily boost your metabolism and immune system by simply adding high alkaline herbs and high alkaline food to your diet. Being on a high alkaline diet is even considered as  an effective way of fighting / preventing cancer.

DR Sebi Alkaline Diet

This is a diet for anyone who wants to naturally fight and prevent diseases, strengthen their immune system and metabolism. According to Dr. Sebi any disease can be naturally cured without relying on western health practices.  For Dr Sebi, a mucus developed in certain areas of our body is the main cause of diseases. For instance a disease like pneumonia is the consequence of build up mucus in the lungs, while diabetes is the consequence of excessive mucus in the pancreas. Dr Sebi stated multiple times that we can detoxify our body and restore it by strictly following being on a high alkaline diet. Since it is considered as a vegan diet eating any kind of meat is not permitted while on Dr Sebi’s high alkaline diet.

The alkaline diet is also called the acid-alkaline diet or simply alkaline ash diet. It’s a lifestyle that can alter the ph levels in your body. Your metabolism can be compared to fire because both involve a reaction that breaks down solid masses. But compared to fire, your metabolism happens in a slow manner. The food you eat becomes a residue or what we call metabolic waste. This residue can be acidic, neutral, or alkaline. The alkaline diet is proven to directly affect your body’s ph levels. In short, you are what you eat. If you eat foods that leave acidic waste, then your blood will become more acidic. If you eat foods that leave alkaline waste, then your blood will become more alkalized.  When you are acidic, it makes you vulnerable to numerous diseases. Thus, an alkalized body can protect itself from different illnesses. This is the very reason why Dr. Sebi developed a plant-based alkaline diet that can help to eliminate toxic waste.

The diet strictly specifies a shortlist of approved foods along with nutritious high alkaline herbs. This diet is based on the African Bio-Mineral Balance theory and was created by Dr. Sebi himself. He developed this diet to help anyone who wishes to naturally treat or prevent various diseases. This diet is designed to improve the overall health of the body without relying on traditional Western medicines. 

Dr. Sebi believes that disease is a result of mucus build-up in a specific area of your body. For example, as mucus clogged in your lungs it leads to pneumonia. When there’s a build-up of mucus in the pancreas it results in diabetes. He believes that diseases cannot adhere to an alkaline environment. Sebi advised that if you want your body to heal itself, you must consistently follow a diet restriction and have self-discipline.    

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